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Our Score95%
Course StructureIntegratedIntegrated
Foundation Year Available
Graduate Entry Available
Interview StyleMMINone
EU Students£9,250* per academic year *Confirmed 2018 entry fees. Tuition fees will be reviewed each year and may be subject to increase in line with government recommendations for 2019 entry.Scottish students: £1,820 pa; rest of UK: £9,250 pa
Non-EU Students£38,850 per academic year *Confirmed 2018 entry fees. Tuition fees will be reviewed each year and may be subject to increase including government recommendations for a levy on clinical placements for 2019 entry.Years 1, 2 and 3: £32,100 pa; Years 4-6: £49, 900 pa


How?This will be considered alongside the other selection criteria.At Edinburgh, once all the scores are received they rank them, divide the groups into octiles and allocate a score. Weighting is based on applicant: school leavers: 50% academic, 15% SJT (of UKCAT), 15% personal statement, 20% UKCAT (excluding SJT); graduates: 30% interview, 35% academic, 20% UKCAT (excluding SJT), 15% SJT (of UKCAT). The points are then added to your total score to contribute towards your final ranking. Due to the introduction of the Situational Judgement section of the test, they will be assessing this as part of their non-academic requirements and not alongside your overall UKCAT score. They will consider all scores and no applicant will be excluded from selection based on the score achieved in their UKCAT test. The average score to receive an offer in 2016 was 2370.



Entry Requirements

GCSE Subjects RequiredMinimum of five GCSEs/IGCSEs at grade B/6 which must include English Language, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology or Double Science (or overseas equivalent).Grade B / 6 in Biology, Chemistry, English, Mathematics. Double Award combined sciences or equivalent at Grade BB / 66 may replace GCSE grades in sciences. Additional Applied Science and Applied Science will not be accepted.
A-Level Subjects RequiredChemistry, Biology (including passing the practical elements) and any third subject, excluding General Studies and Critical Thinking.A Levels must include Chemistry and one of Biology, Mathematics or Physics. Biology at AS Level required as minimum. For both AS and A Level, only one of Mathematics or Further Mathematics will be considered. Human Biology may replace Biology but General Studies will not be considered.
A-Level Grades RequiredMinimum of AAA – AABAAA.
Scottish Highers Subjects RequiredN/AAAAAB by the end of S5, to include Chemistry and two of Biology, Mathematics or Physics. For some applicants this subject combination at S5 Higher is neither possible nor appropriate. Students who meet the grade requirements in S5 but are missing one or more sciences may take the missing subject(s) in S6. Human Biology may replace Biology. National 5s: B grades in Biology, Chemistry, English and Mathematics.
Scottish Higher Grades RequiredN/AAAAAB
Scottish Advanced Highers Subjects RequiredChemistry and BiologySQA Advanced Highers: We encourage the study of at least two subjects at Advanced Higher level in S6 and one further subject at Higher or above. The subjects of greatest relevance to a medical programme are Chemistry and Biology. Offers are usually conditional on S6 performance.
Scottish Advanced Highers Grades RequiredAAA- AAB-
IB Subjects RequiredChemistry and Biology with one other subject at Higher Level and the remaining points from Standard Level subjects and Diploma Programme Core.Chemistry and one other science subject (Biology preferred). Biology at least to Standard Level.
IB Grades RequiredTotal of 35 points with grades of 6,6,5 in three Higher Level subjects.Overall score of 37 points (including TOK and EE) including 667 at HL in Chemistry and at least one other science subject (Biology preferred). Biology should be taken to at least SL. You must also provide evidence of a qualification at minimum Standard Grade 2 or GCSE B or equivalent in Mathematics and English Language if these subjects do not form part of your IB diploma. If you are using English /English Language at SL as part of the English language requirement, you must obtain Grade 5.

Open Days

5 July 2019: Get a taste of your subject, a feel for the campus and hear from Aston students.10 June 2019: Undergraduate Open Day
5 October 2019: Get a taste of your subject, a feel for the campus and hear from Aston students.21 September 2019: Undergraduate Open Day
23 November 2019: Get a taste of your subject, a feel for the campus and hear from Aston students.5 October 2019: Undergraduate Open Day

The Guardian Scores

Course Satisfaction83.2%
Teaching Satisfaction93.0%
Feedback Satisfaction56.6%
Student Staff Ratio6.5
Expenditure Per Student / 109
Average Entry Tariff218
Value Added Score / 103
Career After 6 Months98%
The Guardian Score91.1%
The Guardian

The Complete University Guide Scores

Average Entry Tariff209
Student Satisfaction / 53.95
Research Quality / 53.30
Graduate Prospects98%
The Complete University Guide Score98.4%
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